Salone delle feste

A one-of-a-kind room with a floor constructed from reclaimed wood salvaged from a sunken ship. The coffered ceiling and sophisticated wall decorations complete the space’s furnishings. It boasts natural light.

Dimensions: 20m x 8m – 160 sqm.

Sala delle Cristalliere

Adorned with ceiling frescoes and antique furniture. It features natural light.

Dimensions: 7m x 6m – 42 sqm.

La Locanda

An ancient Winter Garden with a skylight has been transformed into a magnificent space that welcomes guests in an enchanted atmosphere.

Furnished in a typical medieval style with stone walls and a splendid fireplace dominating the room, it is the ideal setting for your special moments

Cappella di Santa Barbara

An ancient 16th-century chapel, dedicated to Saint Barbara, is made available for wedding ceremonies at the reception venue—a unique and charming opportunity for both the bride and groom and their guests.

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