The Grounds

A few kilometers from the center of Rome, nestled in an oasis of peace among the green hills of the Roman countryside, stands a castle that has witnessed the passing centuries without realizing it. Regal and undisturbed, it has survived the past, preserving all the mystery and magic of a legendary millennium.

Surrounded by the tranquility of the countryside in North Rome and not far from the liveliness of the center of the Eternal City, the Castello della Castelluccia is the ideal place for a memorable stay.

Built on the ruins of an imperial Roman villa between the 12th and 13th centuries, it is inevitably a magical place rich in legends from its extraordinary past.

In its 8 centuries of history, this splendid fortified building belonged to various noble families and was visited by illustrious figures, including Pope Pius VII and Queen Christina of Sweden.

Piazza della Fontana

Situated at the foot of the grand tower and along the edges of a historic fountain, it is the perfect spot for a coffee break or a welcome aperitif.

Terrazza delle Magnolie

Overlooking the Castle’s park and cradled in the shade of centuries-old magnolias, it is a enchanting place for your special moments and to enjoy splendid sunsets.

The Garden

The splendid recently restored rooftop garden stands above the ancient tuff caves that conceal an old Roman villa. Today, it hosts romantic dinners and lunches with the breathtaking view of the castle and the valley of the Veio Park. With the central 1600s stone rose window, it transforms into a natural dance floor for your celebrations.


Enchanting outdoor space, framed within the castle walls and dedicated to Santa Barbara, allowing the celebration of Catholic religious weddings.

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