Your fairy-tale requires nothing more than to be lived.

For your most exclusive receptions, choosing Castello della Castelluccia means:

A dream location  

An unforgettable event needs an unforgettable setting, a magical place that will make your guests truly happy at first glance.

A perfect organisation  

A wedding at Castello della Castelluccia is designed and held with the same approach as a mission - nothing is left to chance.

A guarantee: Our Cuisine  

The use of the best ingredients and top-choice products, rigorously selected in accordance with the season, is the basis of our distinctly traditional cuisine.

An impeccable service  

The staff is perfectly trained and trialled over time to be completely at your service, to make our guests’ stay as pleasant as possible.

A hassle-free tailor-made event  

Like the conductor of an orchestra, our dedicated event planner will accompany you in every moment, from the preparation of the personalised menu to the organisation of the smallest detail.

Enchanted and garden spaces  

Many gardens and three rooms - “Salone delle Feste”, “Salone del Ninfeo” and “La Locanda” - for a total of almost 500 spots, all authentic and rich in history.

The Church and the Cloister on the spot  

Few places can boast two 2 consecrated spaces, one of which is outdoors, in which to celebrate the religious ceremony in complete serenity. At your disposal you will find the Chapel dedicated to Santa Barbara or the romantic cloister on the outside, one of a kind.

Special Offers