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Treat yourself to the exclusive experience of staying just outside Rome in a castle dating back to the 11th century where Popes, princes and queens have stayed!

Entering the rooms of Castello Della Castelluccia, you realise as soon as you close the door that each holds its own secrets, stories and anecdotes.

The 23 rooms, including 5 suites, are all different from each another and are perpetually focused on a dimension of unparalleled hospitality, refinement and elegance. The surrounding environment, furniture and furnishings evoke the romanticism and historicity of a royal place that has managed to maintain its beauty. In a pleasant succession, finely decorated with antiques dating back to a period ranging from the 1500s to 1800s, with terracotta or wooden flooring, exposed beam and tiled or frescoed ceilings, bathrooms in marble or handmade terracotta, with some rooms fitted with a fireplace and a four-poster bed, they transmit a strong sensation that upholds the tradition of a unique context.

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