Castello della Castelluccia, wedding location with a church in Rome

Wedding Location With A Church In Rome

Your wedding day will be your event of a lifetime. Our culture considers it a sacrament that leads to a future of tradition, the tradition of family. An essential part of life that, whether it may be viewed with a modern or conservative approach, is a timeless celebration of love. Nowadays, this special occasion is enriched with so many different offers that the market provides, allowing you to create unforgettable memories of your most precious day. Amongst the church wedding locations in Rome, celebration after celebration, year after year, Castello della Castelluccia has developed a great nuptial tradition. By choosing the Castello and its church in Rome as a wedding location, your special day will be in the safe hands of a qualified event planner that will gladly take care of every single detail, from the choice of the menu to the creation of a dream décor in the wide spaces available. Steeped in history and art, this breath-taking castle and perfect church wedding location in Rome, features three spacious halls reserved for receptions, rich in fine décor details and surrounded with numerous peaceful gardens creating a quaint corner of paradise, embracing the celebration of love with an intimate and timeless ambience.